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Saturday, 17th May 2014 –සැදැහැ ගී සැන්දෑව (බොදු ගී Programme)
organized by the ECG on 17th May 2014 from 04.30 P.M. onwards at Residence of ECG Committee Member
Eng. Upali Karunathilaka,  25/15, Veediyawatte, Udugampola. To make this event successful invite to ECG  all members, their families and well-wishers to attend this grand event.

Anyone Interested to participate in singing please contact music coordinator Eng. Malasinghe (Current President-ECG) to arrange rehearsal sessions.

Latest Events

Our Latest Event was Peduru Sajjaya on Thursday, 01st May 2014  from 10.00 AM - 16.00 PM at Residence of ECG Member Eng. Upul Senerath Manchanayaka, 26, Mahena, Galgana, Pallewela. Gampaha District.

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  • Galle Family Excursion - 1st Dec 2012

  • New Year Festival - 6th April 2013


Our Children's achievements

Master Dasun Oshada Jayasinghe - Eng. JAAP Jayasinghe’s Son
2012 OL Island first
Master Dasun Oshada Jayasinghe - Achieved 2012 GCE (OL) Best Results(Island Rank 1 ) in Sri Lanka at Royal College. In 2007 he won a Bronze Medal for the Junior Science Competition in Indonesia. He also achieved 2002 Year 5 Sholarship Exam Island Rank 11(188 marks) from Gampaha Sri Bodhi Vidyalaya.
Miss Madhuri - Eng. WHS Priyantha’s Daughter
2010 OL Island 1st
Miss Madhuri Withanage - Achieved 2010 GCE (OL) Best Results (Island Rank 1 ) in Sri Lanka
Miss Thilini Sashi Prabha Jayasinghe - Eng. JAAP Jayasinghe’s Daughter
2009 OL Island 5th
Miss Thilini Sashi Prabha Jayasinghe - Achieved 2009 GCE (OL) Best Results in Gampaha District & 5th in the Island Rank
Miss. Chathura K. Sooriya Arachchi – Eng. S.A.Pemaratne’s Daughter
2008 ABE President's Prize winner
Chathura K. Sooriya Arachchi, won 2008 Association of Business Executives (ABE) President's Prize. Selected from ABE students from over 100 countries, the prize is awarded for the highest mark in one sitting for Advanced Diploma examinations. Adding to her achievement, also won the Top Paper Prize for Internet Systems Development.